A Story of a bike - Abandoned or Unused, but not forgotten!

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Story of Refur Rad ⤵

Refur Rad was born in Germany, and arose from the problem for both the public and cities. We are mission driven culture startup with a small team dedicated to give the world the most environmentally friendly and sustainable bikes to improve the quality of air with zero emissions. And no wonder Europe is bustling with new lanes and parking lots for bikes.

Besides, our “Refur Rad bikes are not cheaply made, but cheaply priced”. Which means a unique combination of cheap & sustainability. Therefore, with Refur Rad you spend little money but lots of green value! 🌱

Mobility needs to become more sustainable and affordable for all, particularly with bikes. For this reason we are already working on a circular economy business model of refurbishing old, unused and abandoned bikes from the cities with the support of city authorities and public order offices from Germany. Thus Refur Rad helps cities to reduce abandoned bikes in Germany. Regardless of reducing, we also save them all from getting destroyed and giving them a second new life.

Believe it or not, there are a lot more bikes that are kept unused and to be repaired from our very own basement. If we could refurbish those and abandoned bikes from the cities, there will be no shortage of bikes or need to manufacture new bikes. Therefore, this will bring us closer to our goal of reaching net zero emission. 🚲 🌍

Our Mission ⤵

We focus not just on producing a low-cost bike, but also on preserving as much as possible every part of a bike in the economic cycle. When a bike can no longer be repaired, the most important parts of that bike are recycled Or upcycled (repurposed) into unique accessories.

Our Vision ⤵

We want to contribute to significantly reducing the number of abandoned, worn-out bikes in the public space and to mobilize consumers to keep their discarded bikes in the eco-cycle by themselves and to rely on our sustainable bikes for new purchases.

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Refur Rad-Learning Program

You can call this an internship or apprenticeship, but we call it a learning program!

For this you don’t need a fancy CV or recommendations. All you need is that you’re always willing to learn and get your hands dirty.

This is how it works: Based on your interest you will be given a role with a team of mechanics or operations team and we will teach and develop you for something you could already show it in the interview, especially when you’re applying for the first job.

Send us an email “jobs@refurrad.de” with the subject “Refur Rad-Learning Program” if you’re eager to learn new things and develop skills.